Auslead International

Auslead International was established by Dr. Arun Garg to provide quality migration advice to customers who are in need of guidance. Here, at Auslead we are so dedicated to customer service that whenever you give us a call, we are there to ensure you are guided along the right path.

The company was established by Dr. Arun Garg himself along with his colleagues. By the effort and dedication of Mr. Garg, Auslead International today hosts a vital role in the multicultural diversity of the Australian community & New Zealand community.

We are situated in the Western Sydney suburbia where there is a majority of the multicultural diversity. We help to make the clientele happy and satisfy them so that they can enjoy their rest of life in the warm Australian environment.

Dr. Arun Garg is a qualified Migration Agent and a member of MIA (Migration Institute of Australia), MA (Migration Alliance). He has been in the Migration industry for a whopping decades and has knowledge in the migration industry that far exceeds an aura of excellence.

You can come to our office and meet our Professional Consultant

Mr. Arun Garg

MARA Registration Number : 9794416